Apostolos Andreas Monastery

Apostolos Andreas Monastery
Famagusta, Cyprus
Build Environment
6.42 m x 6.42 m
15th century

The Monastery of Apostle Andreas is situated on a rocky beach in the easternmost point of the Karpas peninsula. It was built in 1867 with the initiative of priest Ioannes and inaugurated by Archbishop Sophronios I. The monastery was built in the spot where, during his first missionary journey, Apostle Andreas needed to disembark his ship and miraculously exposed a natural water source.

The various buildings that comprise the Monastery complex are positioned around a central square. In the square’s eastern limit there is a gothic church dated to the 15th century which replaced an older, possibly early Christian church. The gothic church is of square plan (6,42 m. X 6,42 m.) with two aisles. The north aisle ends with a small apse. A central pillar supports the four groin vaults that cover the building. In the south part of the church two vaults survive and in the east there is a wall with a door that leads to the holy water near the sea where the Apostle performed his miracle. It is not known whether this older church was connected to any monastic buildings. To the west of the gothic church and at a higher level is the 1867 church.

The overall Restoration of the Apostolos Andreas Monastery will take place in four phases:

 - Phase A: Restoration of the Church & the adjacent buildings & Geotechnical investigations and tests.
 - Phase B: Restoration of the Chapel and the Fountain completed.
 - Phase C: Restoration of the building on the north wing.
 - Phase D: External work.

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