Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS)

Othello tower

The so-called 'Othello tower' is a medieval citadel located in Famagusta, Cyprus. Its name is related to the Venetian governor Christoforo Moro (1506-08) who is believed was the model for Shakespear's Othello. The rectangular in plan castle is protected by four massive circular towers guarding its corners. The citadel architectural complex is organized in four wings enclosing a central open courtyard.

Agios Spyridon

AGIOS SPYRIDON, one of the last traditional fishing vessels (‘τράτες’) of Cyprus, has been out of water for many years, on the beach next to the small harbor of Latsi, Polis Chrysochous. Built on Crete in 1950, it belongs to the type of boat termed Karavοskaro. Very commonly used as fishing trawlers, only a limited number of karavoskara exists in the Aegean, nowadays; AGIOS SPYRIDON is one of the few among them that are longer than 18-22m. Considering all these points, the vessel should be listed as a monument of nautical heritage, which needs to be protected.

Givati Parking lot (Hanyon Givati)

The Givati Parking lot (Hanyon Givati) is a large archaeological site located in the City of David neighbourhood in Jerusalem.

The excavation started in 2007 when, during the construction of a new parking lot adjacent the Dung Gate of Jerusalem, monumental evidences appeared. Since then, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) is conducting an extensive rescue campaign to uncover and document all structures and finds.