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Saint Francis

During   planned   road   works   carried   out   by   the   Larnaca Sewerage and Drainage Board in the area surrounding the religious complex of the Catholic Church, known today as Terra Santa but officially dedicated to Saint Mary of Graces, and its adjacent convent, archaeological remains and linear structures were discovered.

Agia Marina Church

The church of Agia Marina is located in the eastern edge of Cyprus, Derynia, (Famagusta district) situated within the Buffer Zone controlled by the United Nations peacekeeping forces.

Since the creation of the buffer zone in 1964 and its extension in 1974, the area and the church itself is inaccessible to the general public without a proper permit issued by the UN.

Antiphonitis Church

The octagonal domed church of the Christ Antiphonitis in the district of Kyrenia (Cyprus) was originally completely decorated with frescoes along its interior walls. Two of these are exceptional for their artistic and historic value: the story of the Tree of Jesse (a pictorial genealogy of the Virgin) located on the southern wall of the octagon, and the Last Judgment, on the northern wall.

Givati Parking lot (Hanyon Givati)

The Givati Parking lot (Hanyon Givati) is a large archaeological site located in the City of David neighbourhood in Jerusalem.

The excavation started in 2007 when, during the construction of a new parking lot adjacent the Dung Gate of Jerusalem, monumental evidences appeared. Since then, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) is conducting an extensive rescue campaign to uncover and document all structures and finds.